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Jaipur Handicrafts
Jaipur is India’s biggest exclusive Retail handicrafts, Textiles & Carpet export company with integrated facilities offering million customers worldwide in various products like; wood, marble, metal and stone with multiple finishes, special arts and enhancing world class aesthetics Textiles through latest modern & contemporary designs, embroidered, prints patterns to introduce unique arts with a touch of futuristic view for Clients and vertically we are serving the quality and heritage designed Rugs with possess the paradigm in worldwide. At Jaipur Handicrafts, We serve stylish & indigenous products at one-stop-shop solutions to understand our Customers precise needs and help to design a platter of products where they have more choice, more options to choose from. Today we have developed to a point, where-in we are catering designed and crafted products with possess mass and retailers in the same way.

We frequently introduce new designs and trends as per market demand year around discussion with our specialist and experts work daily to ensure that our products shall be tuned to the latest trends globally. We have well equipped infrastructure & sustainable system, adding in-house integration processes & commissioning with improving the quality of industrial labour through skill-development programs. We strive to achieve the highest values to meet the needs of our customers through competitive pricing, quality, and timely delivery. From Decades, we have developed our competence to engage with a global client base and our business is built upon our skilled and experienced people, our values, and approach to sustainability & compliance through the entire supply chain, and our group of people commitment. Our global network and our direction are the platform for our ongoing success and future growth.


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