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  • 29 Jul, 2020
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The unique patterns of the Jaipur handicrafts signify the prestigious and vital aspect of the chosen styles of the various handicrafts from the rural people of the state of Rajasthan. The unique patterns of various aspects are the different blankets and other bedsheets of the various collections of the conventional and non-conventional ideas, ethnic styles of Persian and Kashmiri. The bedsheets are being made of high quality of the required raw materials such as wool, cotton, silk and the modern bamboo silk. The bedsheets vary in the range of the different sizes ranging from 864 square inches to finally the 13,824 square inch. The Jaipur Handicrafts is a famous manufacturer of various types of handicrafts and other related products. The use of the effective sources of the handpicked goods and materials implies the level of profitability and reliability in the segments of the level of customers.  The unique patterns are made of the handpicked materials for the feeling of ultra-luxury and comfort. These are eye-catching with color lock technology.  The unique patterns are modern and conventional designs, which measures the degree of acceptability by the customers. Textile industry is comprised of the aspects of the spinning, proper knitting, and finishing to finally reach to the customer segments.The various range of the different marble statues, garden wares, home decoration ideas, bamboo products, textiles such as shawls, home furnishings and other necessary products, measure the traditional and modern philosophies of the Indian society.  The various varieties of different products include the following aspects

       House decoration equipment

       Garden equipment

       Gifts and accessories

       Statues of different gods and goddesses

       Wooden and aluminium idols

       Wooden cupboards and almirah

       Wall paintings

       Marble handicrafts

       Wooden handicrafts

       Wooden paintings of different eminent people

       Jute bags and ladies bag made of jeans clothes

       Carpets of bamboo finishing

       Lighting equipment of wooden and brass finishing

The wooden furniture is being made of the best quality of the raw materials of different designs such as baskets, beds, cupboards, almirah, showcases, and so on — the various designs of embroidery. The footwear and handbags manufactured in Jaipur handicrafts are being made from the best quality of leather, which ensures reliability and durability.


The Rajasthani Quilts (3-layered bedsheet) are being made of the highest quality of the cotton and other materials, which makes the product unique and ensure the softness of quilts. There are various printed options, such as conventional printed and velvet-printed. The handicrafts of Jaipur are famous for the effectiveness of the unique designs and traditional with modern approaches. This blue-colored pottery consists of the sulphates of sodium along with quartz, glaze (raw condition) and clay. Jaipur handicrafts are also famous for ivory-based products, made from the tusks of the elephant, which measures the royalty of the manufactured ornaments. The people, associated with handicrafts are very skilled and hardworking to ensure the level of customer satisfaction, with the application of best quality of handpicked raw materials for the process of production and manufacturing. The wooden toys are made of the highest quality of timber which ensures the degree of durability and reliability. The flower vases made from the clay and other materials is the important use of keeping the artificial flowers to maintain a showpiece. The jewelry ranges from bangles, necklaces, pendants, lockets and wrist jewelry. The paintings of miniature models are painted with the natural dyes which do not fade with the intervals of time. Also, the marble handicrafts are being constructed by skilled and efficient people which shows the different designs and sculptures. The marble handicrafts range from small to large models of different aspects. The home decoration items are very attractive and efficient in costs so that every people can afford and buy their manufactured products. The effective use of the silk and stretches of bamboo products make the textile industry more enhanced. Today, Jaipur Handicrafts are also involved in the import and export activities for the continuation of their business activities.

The rugs manufacturing are being widely used in the home purposes for decoration and pleasant look. The carpets are manufactured with the use of the effective high-quality of raw materials which ensure the reliability and durability. The rugs (also called carpets) have the unique design and attractiveness with complete satisfaction of the minds of the people. Carpet is being made with the staple fiber with the process of tufting. Here the fiber is is being made of pure polypropylene and it requires around 1000 to 2000 needles to pull out the required yearn throughout the material of backing. The machine of making carpet is typically a giant machine of sewing purpose. This machine is about 13 feet wide. The second step includes the introduction of the required color as per the designing process. This ensures the color lock with cost effectiveness which will enhance the decoration of home purposes. Jaipur handicrafts is mainly based on the industry of textiles and manufacturing of rugs as well as carpets which enhances the home decoration ideas.

of the required color as per the designing process. This ensures the color lock with cost effectiveness which will enhance the decoration of home purposes. Jaipur handicrafts is mainly based on the industry of textiles and manufacturing of rugs as well as carpets which enhances the home decoration ideas.

The marble handicrafts are being made of the unique design which ensures the quality of the skilled workers for making the sculptures. The marble handicrafts come in many shapes and sizes with accurate and error-free structures. The marble painting of the Jaipur handicrafts is the globally recommended and widely used paintings by everyone. The marble vases and pots signify the aspects of traditional and modern approaches with the technologies of light weight and durability which finally helps in the decoration of home.

The brass handicrafts are also being important for the show piece items and it helps to improve the home decoration ideas. The brass handicrafts are made from the high quality of the raw materials which ensures the durability and flexibility.

The textile industry in Jaipur is highly developed and most famous textile industry of North India. The different range of the clothes and apparels are being made from the handpicked raw materials which ensures the effective design and motifs.      

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