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  • 23 Jun, 2020
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Around the world, some countries are renowned for their handicrafts, works in textiles as well as carpets and mats. Among them, most countries rank top that belongs to Asia only. In the Indian subcontinent, the Rajasthani pink beauty, the city of Rajputs, palaces, kings and queens, the land for Indian camels, the Pink City of India and the capital of Rajasthan, i.e., Jaipur.

Here, presenting Jaipur Handicrafts which are very famous for its biggest Retail and exclusive handicrafts, carpets, and textiles. The year of its prominent establishment of Jaipurian art is 2006 but it has been in operation for a long time, starting from the year 1987 and because of its deep-rooted origin, it has been quite popular for signifying the value of ethnicity of Indian culture.  This is a home for the manufacturing and exporting that facilitates in an integrated format and offer to its billions of customers products like woods, marbles of different categories and world-class patterns, metals, designed stones, unique arts and also enhancing some top-class textile aesthetics through modern and present designs, embroidery works, patterned prints in order to offer new art forms including futuristic touch for global clients as well as quality serving in order to possess its paradigm globally.  The Handicrafts products from Jaipur are circulated among the masses globally and techniques/designing of the product is much appealing. Due to the unique nature of the design, it stands out amongst other designs all over the world.

The Jaipur handicrafts offer stylish, unique and traditionally patterned products that offer a better understanding to the customers need and demand and also shares ideas that can help in designing a huge platter of stuff for different choices worldwide as it is also a place for tourist attraction. There is a stereotyped design associated with the art of this place that makes it easier to identify this form of art and craft amongst other art patterns available globally.

The Jaipurian craftsmen and artists have imposed their talents in alluring the models of handicrafts that can enhance any home gracefully. The buyers, whether from any Indian states or any tourists, will never forget to indulge themselves in Jaipur’s traditional shopping. One can easily find handicrafts, ranging from daily usage up to the list of decors for houses. The unique look and the exciting colors add more appeal to any product and design that is not available anywhere else in the world. Well, it’s not just an end. There is a lot more about Jaipur and its magical handicraft talents. So, just keep on reading!!

 Top 10 products of Jaipur-Handicrafts

  1. Lacquer Bangles

These bangles are wood varnishes, lacquer made, designed beautifully with some bold variety of colors. Jaipurians mostly wore it in special festive moments and occasions. These bangles are well decorated with some stones and beads mixed with glasses.

  1. Metal & Gems Jewellery

Jewelry making is one of the oldest traditions of Jaipur. Some delicate patterns called Minakari, Kundan as well as jaded forms, develops and enhance the gorgeous jewelry making. One of the most prominent designs is “The”. All sorts of necklaces, pendants, earrings, headgear, etc. are found here. The company is also popular for its variety of gems & stones.

  1. Blue Pottery

Jaipur Handicrafts is the home for this kind of pottery. In this kind of pottery, lamps, crockery works, jewel boxes, trays, and many other things are made in a wide range of sizes, shapes, designs, and patterns including colors and motifs. The uniqueness of this pottery is that it doesn’t use any clay work but stones like quartz. Unlike other earthenware, cracks don’t occur in it.

  1. Miniature Arts

To find the artistic contents, one can visit the brand and especially to get involved with the miniature arts and paintings. The paintings, in their fine works, carry stories of kings & queens, portraying Radha and Krishna, Jaipur cultures, etc. These are made with powders of stones and marbles that enhances the sparkling features and contains paints from natural sources.

  1. Textiles

Rich in textile, this is what raises the brand to huge popularity. Handmade textiles that utilize block pattern and several designs gives color and unique combinations for garments.

Odhner, bandhani pattern of sarees, scarves, warm shawls, and turbans are all available here in Jaipur Handicrafts. The typical circular multi-colored prints on the textiles have an added charm that mark the articles as exclusively manufactured in Jaipur.

  1. Wood Furniture

Well designed motifs and furniture are the specialties of Jaipurian carpentry. Work in a lattice pattern is featured here commonly. Frames, tools, cabinets, chairs and several household stuffs are made here.

  1. Mojados or Jutis

Not in the country or continent, but in the whole world Jaipur Jutis and its pattern are so much admired for its gorgeous designs and colorful works. These jutis are famous for marriage outfits, occasional and traditional wore and also in festivals. Leather from camel skin patterned with embroidery as well as stones give the mojados a unique look. The artisans add color to them in such a talented manner that enhances the beauty of such jutis.

  1. Puppets and dolls

It is one of the oldest and traditional ways of entertainment in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They are known as a puppet show and are found very commonly there. It presents puppets playing different story characters, hung on hand, the experts using strings on their fingers, play them in order to entertain the tourists and tribes present there. People also buy those puppets for giftings as well as souvenirs.

  1. Carpets & Rugs

The finest quality of such stuff can only be found in Jaipur handicrafts. The patterns are found to be highly colorful, well patterned, bold works and attractive appearance catches the tourists’ eyes. Pure wool, as well as silk contents, is marked to be best for furnishing in home decors.

  1. Marble-made Handicrafts

 As it is clear that Jaipur Handicrafts has done well in handicrafts, then it’s a must that it has surely showcased its magnificent work in marble-handicrafts. Visitors can easily buy their favorite flower vases, trays, sculptures, beautiful statues, tabletops, etc. These stuffs can surely highlight and enhance the home display in a fantastic manner.

In the end, it can be said that these top 10 creative products can easily give rise to a sense of excitement in anybody’s mind and warm up the plan to visit and get all these things at once from Jaipur Handicrafts. The pattern of stuff, some bold colors, uniqueness of making, cultural and traditional value related products and a specialty that each and every single thing is handmade gives a feeling of huge admiration and respect for the indigenous makers who involve their arts and talent works to flourish the company and export service as well as collaborates in maintaining the foreign attraction in Jaipur Handicrafts. The global platform of networks and direction are factors for the contemporary growth of the company as it is providing its best service to its client with the quality products.

Apart from the different types of attractive products, the unique factor of business in Jaipur is the process of rapid and smart deliveries of the products all across the globe that has facilitated easy business in Jaipur. These services are essential in building proper business relationships. The merchandise can also be customized based on the clients’ needs.

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