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Hand-Knotted Rugs

Beautifully crafted, this hand-knotted rug is ideal for every corner of the house. The skillfully designed rugs are not only idyllic for empty floors but go exceptionally well with every kind of furniture as well, from the coffee table in your living room to the side table of your bedroom. Made with the utmost quality of sheep wool, these rugs sure prove to be a vibrant touch to the plainness of any locale.

Inspired from the extravagant rugs and carpets used by emperors in the early royal eras, the craftsmen leave no stones unturned to create the replicas of those used by the royalty to adorn their houses. These handmade rugs are nothing but perfect to go with any kind of furnishing, modern or traditional, and the option to customize them according to your preferences is efficient for everyone.

The dyed wool of a hand-knotted floor cover is unparalleled in fashion, rich in hue and texture. These stain-resistant, natural, durable rugs are ideal in high-traffic fields and are extremely simple to keep. Just vacuum your rug frequently and, if needed, spot-clean it.

Moreover, hand-knotted rugs deem as the perfect piece of art to be handed down over generations and cherished. Given their high quality as well as persistence in color, these rugs are taken care of and maintained, as they should be. Using ancient techniques of the craftsmen working for royal households, these hand-knotted rugs are created to last and last for a long time. This not only maintains a strong bond with the ancestors but also preserves the art of hand weaving and creating masterpieces that are so durable. As they say, it is not only the formation of a rug but also nurturing of a tradition!

How to Choose a Hand-Knotted rug for Your House?

With the vast range of rugs available, it becomes tedious to select and pick one for a particular corner of the house. But, some experts have come up with quite a few ways to do so. The best way to choose a perfect rug as a décor for your home has to be the sixty thirty ten rule. This elaborates to sixty being the percentage of the color dominating a particular room, walls, as well as the furnishings, included, for instance, the couch or the tables and chairs. Thirty is the percentage of the second dominating color, which also consists of the color of the hand-knotted rug. The remaining ten per cent comprises of the different hues of the small items adorning that room.

Since these hand-knotted rugs are available in several customizable styles, it is easy to choose the perfect rug depending on every household and the style as well as hues that would gratify the setting of each room the best. These hand-knotted rugs never fail to accent the paired furniture, whether it is a modern center-table in the living room or the traditionally crafted mantle with the most precious artifacts.

Because these rugs are made by hand, there is no such thing as a bad rug. Each mesmerizing imperfection is what makes the rug not only one of a kind, but breathtakingly beautiful, as it should be, and therefore so treasured. Moreover, when customized according you’re your preferred size and hue, there is no way the same rug can be acquired by anyone else. As no two rugs are ever the same, owning one means having one of a kind rug decorating your humble abode, quite literally!

Take pleasure in the softness of these hand-knotted rugs, and see your home get its beauty amplified in an instant!