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How we started

When our founder, Mr. Baldev Raj Nagpal, recognized the beauty of the process of creating local handicrafts from Jaipur, he saw beyond the demand for Indian-inspired-decor and saw a way to preserve and promote the art of the local artisans. Hence, after years of planning and conversations, along with his brothers, Mr. Surendra Kumar Nagpal and Mr. Sunil Kumar Nagapal, in 1987, and with the leverage of local artisans, the journey of Jaipur Handicrafts became a success. In 2006, Jaipur Handicrafts went through a reinvention and was introduced with new innovations and ideas for home décor.

A few years later, Jaipur Handicrafts witnessed the transition of a family business to new dimensions and perspectives. Today, the legacy of Jaipur Handicrafts is gracefully taken forward by his son, Mr. Shubham Nagpal and nephew Mr. Aryan Nagpal. Equally passionate for design, art, culture, and people, they believe that at Jaipur Handicraft, the heart has always been the starting point. Each design is born out of a desire to preserve traditional Indian handicrafts and the art of making them. For last two decades, Jaipur Handicrafts has developed a strong community of over 15,000 artisans and their families, thereby creating a strong base for responsible, sustainable, and reliable business, serving global happy customers.

Our Philosophy

We started Jaipur Handicrafts with an objective to spread the use of aesthetic textiles, local designs, handicrafts, embroidery work, and other prints patterns by introducing unique arts with a touch of futuristic view in mind. At the same time, for last so many years, we have been tirelessly trying to generate the employment for thousands of artisans, enhancing women employment, and social welfare for those who are participating with us in making these unique handicrafts, rugs, and carpets. Our long-lasting relationships with the local communities have complimented us with the finest product creation that further helped us creating valuable work for our Customers.

Our design team creates the most distinctive designs with creative design techniques and quality control to ensure the finest product reaches you. We believe in inspiring our millions of customers through each of our objet d'art, with a mantra of “from heart to home”.