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Product Range

With our selection of products, you will easily find everything you require in terms of design, patterns, and color combinations. We deal in home furnishing textiles, modern and indigenous handicrafts, antique and contemporary furniture, and all kinds of hand-knotted carpets.
Our raw materials vary from wood, marble, metal, stone, and different textiles—traditional and modern.

Product Availability

Our products are unique and tend to sell quickly, therefore, we design and produce in large quantities. We have ample stocks in our store and we also take bulk orders, given 75-90 days. We work together with our clients and artisans to finalize the design and develop samples as per their requirements.

Product Quality

We are always open to suggestions to improve and work to perfect our production until we have zero defects. This is why we constantly push ourselves, raising the bar, to create products that are better in design, better in quality, and products that are both trendy, yet true to local culture. Simply put, we strive for perfection— from our products, the ambiance of our store, experience and product knowledge of our staff.

Great Offers with Fair Trade

We understand the need for quality and affordable products, as well as a fair trade for our people. As a result of months of planning and conversations with our people, we have come up with offers that benefit both sides. Our prices are affordable, our products are great, and our people are happy— giving us the best of both worlds.

Great Offers with Fair Trade

* A legacy with over 30 years of knowledge, experience and design expertise.
* Community of over 15,000 skilled and passionate artists and local designers.
* Jaipur Handicraft’s long-standing relationships with happy customers that further inspire us to design quality products.
* A wide rang of product options — sparking joy in your life.
* Authentic and sustainable manufacturing processes that has been emphasized since our inception.
* Swift turnaround time for your specific requirements.
* Comprehensive assistance for worldwide shipping and duties and taxes queries.
* 24 x 7 assistance available worldwide.
* Fair Trade practices and most suitable wages for our artisans.