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Rug Repairing

Rugs look admirable when they are rolled out to add opulence to your home décor, and you would want its grace and knots to last for ages all together. Our artisans work tirelessly to weave every rug with finesse and ensure that the fringes are knotted carefully lest any should come out and spoil the appeal of the carpet. But on the contrary wear and tear is the rule of nature which we cannot contradict when we use something regularly; it is bound to get worn and torn. Now imagine that you had a party at home last night and while serving drinks, some of it accidentally fell on the rug you had rolled in your drawing room or suddenly your pet friend at home turns mischievous and spills the fringes? What will you do? That is where our Rug Repairing specialists will assist you in every possible manner. We at Jaipur Handicrafts have great rug repairing facilities where expert repairers offer all kinds of rug repair services t to reweaving rugs.

Why is Rug Repairing required?

When you walk on the rug, it is natural that the dust particles will get accumulated in it and after one point of time, the shine and color will start fading away if you do not maintain t.
Suddenly a glass of juice or a cup of tea falls on the rug in the living area, and you end up being worried about its luster.
You have a crawling baby at home who is has the habit of putting fringes in the mouth, and because of that, the loose threads make the carpet look untidy and disgraceful.
Your notorious four-legged friend loves to swirl on the cozy rug, and you can’t get enough of its hair tugged into the rug.
There is a bug at home that entered your living space and is slowly making the beautiful rug as its abode.
You end up placing some heavy furniture on the rug, and because of that, the rug looks lusterless and flat.

Now you can end up experiencing any one of the above scenarios. But you need not panic or feel depressed because your rug which holds an essential place in your home décor can easily be repaired and brought back to life. All it needs is some tips which you must adhere to, and expert rug repairers to assist you and you can rejoice once again when you roll out the woolen rug.

How we Repair the Rug?

Our rug specialists will examine your rug; determine its type and the damages done for recommending the appropriate rug repairing procedure. Here is a rundown of various ways rugs are fixed based on the requirements:

Fringe Repair: The fringes are the first part of the rug that needs repair. So the kind of repair needed depends on the make of the fringe. Hand-woven fringes need to be treated separately from the machine-made ones. To ensure that the shade of the new fringe matches with the carpet, we will get it dyed and then fix it.

2.Patch Repair: There might be a little bug or a rat at home which has eaten a part of the rug, and now it looks disgraceful. The easiest and quickest option available is to put a patch on the hole and hide it. We make sure to use the same colors and match the pattern on the rug so that it looks symmetrical and even.

3.Surging Repair: The rug will look wholly flat and dull if “the ends” are not sharp and neatly weaved. But, over some time, the edges lose their shine and luster. Surging repair is the alternative to make the rug look much like before. In the surging process, the edges of rugs are repaired with cotton, synthetic, or woolen thread to prevent them from unraveling. After the procedure, the rug gets a fine and finished look.

Rug Backing Repair: The wear and tear of the rug are bound to happen owing to the foot traffic, to which it is exposed. The rugs usually have a cover or a pad under them which ensures its longevity. Each rug comes with a particular type of backing to extend its longevity. This backing can be repaired to prevent further damage to the rug.

5.Rug Reweaving Repair: Imagine that a specific part got damaged either because the colors faded or some accident happened, and the stains are too hard to remove. In that case, reweaving is the only option left wherein the colors of the new threads or wool match with the existing ones, and the rug is rewoven with equal finesses and precision. We have expert craftsmen who can reweave the damaged to match the original stuff.

A few tips for maintaining your rugs

Use clips for fringes: When you notice that the fringes are getting loose, clip them up instantly so that no further damage happens.

Rotation is a must: Make sure that you rotate the rug evenly from time to time for a uniform and an even look. In continuation of this, you should rotate the furniture as well to break the monotony and to give the rug some space to breathe.

Train your pets: This is something which will take a toll on you because it becomes difficult to say NO to the four-legged friends at home, but you can always do that to ensure that your grandeur style remains unaffected.

When you use the hand-woven rugs, you feel you have brought the home tradition with class, and this comes at a cost that you have to bear. In this case, all that you have to do is some extra care which will go a long way in making the rug you have rolled out a timeless piece of the collection. Our rug specialists have tremendous experience and training that help them use the same knots, the same colors as the original weaver of a rug. They know all the techniques required to revive a damaged rug to life again. Do not let your precious possession to get damaged further, approach Jaipur Handicrafts for exceptional rug repairing services.