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Rug Washing Charges:-

At Jaipur Handicrafts, we aim to keep the value of a rug intact by offering the best rug washing services in the entire nation. We have in house rug washing facility with specialists for washing the rugs with advanced machinery and techniques.

Due to our advanced approach in protecting the newness of your rug, we are able to keep the charges only at INR 40/- per sq.ft. We offer free pickup and delivery for all our customers within Jaipur while the customers outside Jaipur would only have to bear the shipping charges.

Handle with Care- Get Best Rug Wash around you

Jaipur handicrafts are already famous for Modern, Persian, as well as Kashmiri, styled rugs across the globe. Now we are entering a different market in a similar domain which includes Rug washing. Carpet flooring surely adds that lavish yet elegant look to the place whether its office or home. It offers a feeling of comfort and warmth. However, it is also the biggest hotspot for dirt, dust, and germs if not appropriately maintained.

Apart from regular vacuuming, your rug needs proper washing every 12 months or so, else the accumulated dirt and dust particles in the core can be quite unhealthy. The tenure of cleaning depends on the setting it is placed and the amount of usage of the area. In offices, it requires cleaning now and then, whereas at homes the frequency can be less. Still, it is the much-needed action.

As per the research, more than several pounds of soil can easily accumulate under the rug in a year, and your rug can carry dirt of almost four times its weight. The fact makes cleaning the rugs regularly, more important than anything else. Even the well- known stomach flu virus known as norovirus can stay alive for more than a month on a dirty carpet. Pay attention to health by keeping the rug cleaner and washed.

From Rugs Manufacturing to Rug Washing

Being a rug manufacturer, we understand the care and intricacy attached to cleaning rugs without damaging the texture. Jaipur handicrafts are in the rug manufacturing business for over a decade and have learned all the ins and outs related to every rug texture and material present in the market. It is what makes us the best when it comes to rug washing services as well.

We specialize in cleaning almost all kinds of rugs available in the market. From your elegant handwoven rugs to Persian ones, we can take care of them all with utmost consideration and attentiveness. Rug washing is an equally delicate job as rug manufacturing as both requires attention to minute details. Our experience with the product and its industry makes it easier to handle the cleaning services at its best.

Different Rugs – Different Procedures

There is no standard procedure when it comes to rug washing. Every type of rug has a different texture, hence requires a different way of cleaning it to avoid any damages. From Wool based rugs to silk ones, which one is unique in its way and needs a proper cleaning treatment.

At Jaipur Handicrafts, we handle modern as well as antique rugs from both residential and commercial settings. We aim to offer the best rug cleaning services to everyone. In the process, we wipe out any stain, spill, dust, odor, dirt, or allergens from the rugs in the best possible manner. Every material has a different process of cleaning. Silk can’t be submerged in water to clean and the wool rug can be cleaned after it soaks in water. We understand the nature of each rug material and act accordingly.

Environment-Friendly Products only

At Jaipur Handicrafts, we make sure to use the environment as well as rug friendly products only to keep your rug as clean as new. Whether we are using the traditional method or the modern style, all our chemicals, supplies, cleaning agents, etc. are environment-friendly and are non- toxic. Apart from eliminating the dirt and dust from your rug, we care about the environment too.

We offer the highest standards in the industry. All our cleaned rugs go through a series of inspections and tests, for us to be sure about their cleanliness and no residual after the wash. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to health, and a dirty rug can be unhealthy. All our products are industry approved with no harmful chemical compounds either for a rug or for the environment.

Here are some tips to help you keep your Rug cleaner for Longer:

Spills generally set in the texture of rugs, so if you have a spill clean it quickly to avoid damage.
Don’t rub rather blot the stain. Rubbing may cause damage to the threads as well as make the stain stick longer.
While temporary cleaning the rugs make sure to use cold water or lukewarm water, never hot water to eliminate any chances of damage.
Never soak the silk rugs in water to remove a stain. It can harm the material.
Try to vacuum the rugs at least thrice a week to avoid any dirt settling or mold growth.
Carpets or rugs are like a nest. They keep everything from dust to spills to pet hair to bacteria, so clean it regularly.
Rugs are generally soft and comfortable to the skin. So, if possible, try to avoid wearing shoes or sleepers on them. You never know what was out there which came sticking with your shoes.
The sandy soil which accumulates on rugs can’t be removed from simple vacuum cleaners and can damage the rug material from inside.
From oil residue to spills, it gets locked on rug fibers, which if not cleaned on time can become permanent on the rugs and change its color as well as look.

The above tips are not to scare rather help you get the right treatment for your rugs. As beautiful they look, they need proper care and handling at regular intervals which can be done by experts and professionals only. At Jaipur Handicrafts, we have a specialized team of experts and industries best cleaning professionals who never compromise on providing quality services. Rug washing is an essential job as cleaning your utensils which are of no use if they are dirty. Make sure to get the rugs clean from time to time, stay healthy, and keeping your rug look elegant for more years.